Project Size: 150,000 sq ft
Address: Floors 11-19, Victoria St, London, SW1

“We engaged with MBFurniture as we required an expert cost/procurement/project manager consultancy to take full responsibility of this programme. They seamlessly became the pinnacle in educating, sourcing, negotiating and delivering the entire furniture package for WCH – 64 Victoria St. They made enormous savings for WCC meeting our projected provisional sum and successfully delivered every phase within the agreed programme. MBFurniture showed great professionalism and excellent attention to detail, a perfect partner.”

Chris Bond, WCC Programme Director

MBFurniture was appointed as the furniture consultant on the project to help to find solutions to reduce the provisional sum, select the right manufacturing partners and deliver the project within the proposed timelines.

MBFurniture was responsible for the entire process, including creating and managing a tender, we invited over 50 manufacturers to take part. Hosting showroom tours, mock ups and detailed finishes meetings to ensure that all the details aligned. We met the primary objectives by successfully reducing the provisional sum by 40% and completing the phased furniture delivery & installation programme within the main contractor’s programme meeting every critical completion date for each floor. Through the MBFurniture network we successfully created incredible savings for the client without compromising on quality or aesthetic. We worked together with BDP interior designers to help specify all the furniture and meet the client’s vision for the project.

MBFurniture successfully delivered all the furniture on time and within the agreed contracted budget.

Project Size: London HQ 20,000 sq ft | Belfast HQ: 40,000 sq ft
Address: Bermondsey Street, London | Linenhall Street, Belfast

“MBFurniture helped us to fit out the entire office, I could not have done this without their knowledge, guidance, manufacturing network and excellent buying power.”

Fiona Meaney, Facilities

MBFurniture was appointed by the client direct to help specify a medium/high level aesthetic at competitive prices.

We created a furniture schedule and cost plan offering 3 tiers (low-mid-high), we used all 3 categories to put together a fantastic package. Being software developers there was a real need for more residential feel due to the unsociable hours employees were working. This was a big driver for the type of furniture and environment they needed. Also acoustics played a big part in the schedule as noise had to be reduced from the software teams and the sales teams.

The Belfast project was highly challenging as there were access issues due to tiny lifts and a spiral staircase. We overcame this by taking out a window on the fourth floor and delivering the entire project by forklift truck through this window.

Project was delivered on budget, on time and most importantly snag free.

Project Size: 100,000 sq ft
Address: Curtain Road, London, EC2

“MBFurniture have excellent buying power and a huge multi-partnered platform to choose from, ranging from low to high prices ranges, residential corporate styles, joinery, bespoke, and IT solutions. MBFurniture are great listeners, they are open and honest, and deliver upon expectation. We would highly recommend them as a business partner.”

Jordan Campbell, Facilities

MBFurniture was appointed to assist with the planning and design of their new office space. The brief was to create a vibrant and flexible work environment that promoted a balance of collaboration and focused working. We worked with the client key decision-making team to find the right selection of furniture, chairing and hosting showroom tours, mock ups and the specification of all the finishes.

Another challenge on this project was to re-design and install a power and data network that aligned with the functional working areas as well as future proofing the space for further growth plans. We installed this part of the project whilst the furniture installation followed shortly behind meaning the business was 100% operational on the proposed hand over date.

Project Size: 30,000 sq ft
Address: London

“MBFurniture have demonstrated professionalism and commitment, working to meet our budget, timeline and particular specification challenges, whilst managing any associated risks on our behalf. Their procurement expertise and knowledge of the furniture market has provided exceptional savings and value on each project.”

Chris Ward, East Anglia UK Property Services

East Anglia Offshore Wind Limited is a joint venture owned 50:50 by ScottishPower Renewables (UK) Limited (SPR) & Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd. The project involved the complete category B fit of the 30,000 sq ft space of the prestigious new office at Tudor Street.

Working closely with the appointed architect the brief was to provide a high level aesthetic at a competitive price point and a challenging lead time.

The project was delivered on time and in budget.

Project Size: 35,000 sq ft
Address: New Bond Street, London, W1

“MBFurniture demonstrated they have real buying power, and quickly proved they could make us valuable savings and not compromise on the quality of product or service. Every challenge we came up against they offered relevant solutions that worked for the project and business. The team delivered our project as agreed from the outset whilst maintaining a strong communication valve to us.”

Natasha Cranley, Procurement

The challenge was to design a space that performed for all the staff, delivering multiple meeting and breakout areas that did not conflict with the focused working areas.

We initially reviewed their existing workplace and supply chain, after completing a deep cost exercise with multiple suppliers we managed to reduce their projected budget by 18%. This was achieved through our large range of products and suppliers and the resulting buying power.

We managed the design process through our appointed interior designer and project architect to create new spaces and ways of working. The end result was a very functional space with a strong aesthetic specification for a low/mid cost bracket. We ended up delivering all the furniture, IT, lighting, acoustic products, cafe areas and partition systems for meeting rooms, the building/utility works, M&E and flooring were completed by one of our partners.

Project Size: 100,000 sq ft
Address: multiple sites

“MBFurniture have demonstrated professionalism and commitment, working to meet our budget, timeline and particular specification challenges, whilst managing any associated risks on our behalf. Their procurement expertise and knowledge of the furniture market has provided exceptional savings and value on each project.”

Chris Ward, Vattenfall UK Property Services

MBFurniture was appointed by the client direct to help specify a high level aesthetic at competitive prices that could be delivered and installed at various sites covering 100,000 sq ft of office space

We put together a competitive tender inviting over 30 manufacturers to take part, managing the whole selection and final procurement process on behalf of the client. This process helped to increase the quality of the products available to the project as well as ensuring the client received cost certainty.

Once the furniture partners and specifications were agreed this was rolled out to multiple sites as and when required. We managed every project delivering and installing on time and in budget.

Project Size: 10,000 sq ft (average)
Address: multiple sites, London

“MBFurniture have consistantly delivered on every project or change we have needed their help with. They are very professional and work hard to make sure budgets and timelines are met, as well as taking all the risk out of this procurement process.”

Michael Vyver, Director

Martin & Co is a leading residential letting, sales and property management business in the UK. MBFurniture was appointed to source and procure furniture for it’s new flag ship office in Chelsea, in-line with a re-branding exercise. The main challenge was to create a warm, inviting environment with a professional edge where the brand is clear and product offering available and transparent.

Once we successfully completed the flag-ship office the same specification was rolled out to all the other West London premises.

Project Size: 30,000 sq ft
Address: Southwark Street, London, SE1

“MBFurniture provided excellent service during our phased office refurbishment, having worked with MBFurniture for over 2 years now from the time we moved into out London office and recently with our office expansion in Manchester. MBFurniture’s professional, expert advise has helped us considerably in our planning and implementation.”

Sheilah Bain, MD

As furniture consultant and procurement partner, we worked with the client team and designers to find the right selection of furniture to support the functional needs of staff while also delivering on budget and aesthetics. We also carried out a comprehensive reuse analysis of the existing furniture and creatively repurposed and integrated many elements into the new design.

The project involved the complete category B fit out of the 30,000 space of the prestigious new office at Southwark Street.

The project was delivered on time and in budget.

Project Size: London HQ1 35,000 sq ft | London HQ1.2 38,000 sq ft | London HQ2 40,000 sq ft | Ireland HQ 40,000 sq ft
Address: multiple sites

“MBFurniture took the time to understand our business and helped us from initial concept to guiding us through the vast options of contract furniture. Through their guidance they put together a specification package that met our design brief and project budgets helping create a business standard that we are proud of today.”

Procurement Director

Global institutional asset manager specialising in corporate credit who were going through a re-brand exercise and major growth. We worked closely with the team and stakeholders to define their ambitions for their flag ship London office and created a furniture package that enhances the scheme’s hyper contemporary spaces. The result is a combination of high-quality, contemporary and traditional furniture that gives a feeling of refinement and reliability.

We have assisted this client with multiple site projects including London, Manchester, Dublin, Paris and Zurich, providing on-going services including project planning, cost planning, move management, off site storage, specification, procurement, delivery and installations.

MBFurniture have become a trusted partner to help develop and maintain their working environments.