We’re all wondering when lockdown restrictions will be relaxed, but while we’re awaiting further instruction, it’s essential to tackle your home workspace. We could be in lockdown for many weeks or even months to come, and suffering from neck, shoulder and back pain shouldn’t play a part in your daily workday.

There are many small workspace adjustments you can make to ensure your home office is suitable. There are many obstacles to overcome when working from home during this lockdown period – juggling homeschooling, keeping focused and productive and generally not climbing your walls. So don’t let an uncomfortable workspace distract you further.

Having a space to call your ‘office’ even if it’s a desk in a bedroom is important. You need to fashion an area where you can comfortably and productively deliver work.

Here’s how to properly arrange your workspace…

Make sure your chair is set up correctly

Having a chair that lacks ergonomic lumbar support and is generally uncomfortable is a recipe for disaster. Not only will you not enjoy sitting there – your body will not thank you for putting it through unnecessary strain!

Align elbows and thighs correctly

Your elbows should align perfectly with your keyboard – and your thighs should be parallel to the floor. If you’re uncomfortable, or your feet don’t sit comfortably on the floor, consider using a footrest.

Lumbar support is imperative

It’s imperative that your task chair adequately supports the lumbar spine. If your chair doesn’t quite hit the mark, get in touch with us – we have a selection of task chairs available for remote workers.

Armrests can make you more comfortable

Armrests are relatively inexpensive and easy to attach to most task chairs. Armrests should help support your arms (imagine that!) and keep your shoulders relaxed. This enables you to relax the muscles in your arms and your shoulders. Sitting all day, tense and holding your arms as you type is not comfortable or sustainable.

Laptop and screen set up

Many of us don’t have access to a desktop computer – but instead have just a laptop. You’ll have noticed already – as we are five weeks into remote working – that you naturally stoop to read your laptop screen.

This position is only adding strain to your neck and shoulders.

Purchasing a monitor, monitor arm and a separate keyboard, is a relatively inexpensive way to build the perfect ergonomic workstation. You can find these items cheaply priced and can build this set up for a small investment of around £200.

Alternatively, you can purchase a device that supports your laptop, enabling the user to adjust how high the screen can lift and the angle of the screen. Or, if you’d rather not spend a penny on a laptop holder – use a box or a stack of books! You will need a separate keyboard for this setup to work, though.

Many users find purchasing a separate USB mouse can also help them use their laptop more efficiently – sometimes the trackpad just doesn’t cut it!

Extra tip: the top of your laptop screen should be level with your eyes.

Tips for combating eye strain

It’s easy to become consumed with work when working from home. Boundaries between personal life and work become blurred. With this in mind, it’s helpful to set and stick to concrete working hours if possible.

Specsavers has shared advice for minimising eye strain (which can take the form of eye discomfort, headaches, itchy eyes, difficulty focusing and more.) The high street chain suggests regularly looking away from your screen – looking out of the window or looking far away, helps relax the focusing muscles inside the eye, which can help reduce fatigue.

On some brands we’re offering FREE nationwide deliveries direct to your employee’s door – for mainland UK – on task chairs and desks. Treat your employees to a comfortable working environment! Get in touch on info@mbfurniture.co.uk