How to bring nature into your workplace

It’s coming into winter; it’s too cold to socialise outside. Inside, you can make it feel fresh and vibrant without braving the elements.

To adhere to social distancing practices across the UK, offices have made massive changes to their workspace over the last few months. Bringing sterile screens and with them a general feeling of dystopia to the office environment – but as we get more comfortable within our new lifestyle restrictions, it might be time to become a little more playful with our work setting.

With one-third of our lives spent at work (90,000 hours!), shouldn’t it be a place where we feel comfortable and relaxed, yet productive and inspired?

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Post-COVID trends: what’s next for office design?

In the last few months, the workplace for many of us changed. We became home workers – seeking out the best places around the house to work our 9-5. As we slowly emerge from this forced home working experiment, businesses are asking ‘what’s next?’ for office design and office life in general.

At MBFurniture, here’s what we think lies ahead for office design.

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How to inject personality into your office space

You can have the best job in the world, but it still can’t make up for the fact you work inside a soulless office. 

In short, giving your office a retouch here and there can increase worker happiness and productivity, and it can help you attract (and retain) staff members. Who doesn’t want to work in a vibrant, playful office? 

If you’re wrapped up in calculations, figuring out whether this is something your organisation can afford, they absolutely can. You don’t need to spend big to create an impact. From changing the colour scheme and sprinkling a few potted plants around to entire office refits – injecting personality into your office space needn’t be break-the-bank expensive. 

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Why you should keep your office after COVID

We’re still coming out the other side of the most prominent work from home experiment business – and the world – has ever seen. Whether your company has adapted well to the seismic shift or not, we’re here to tell you why an office space can still play an essential role in your business and will always be an important requirement for many organisations going forward.

Although COVID turned business and the global economy on its head, it’s great to see how fast companies adapt to substantial changes – it’s commendable. Employees found their feet and have no doubt got their own remote working schedule that works best for them. 

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How to adapt your office for the return to work

It’s fair to say that the global coronavirus pandemic has knocked all UK businesses sideways. While we’re all trying to make sense of our new ‘normal’, it’s essential to think ahead to your office layout – what changes will you have to make to ensure employees feel comfortable and safe?

We believe communication and socialising shouldn’t be comprised in the workplace; after all, it plays an essential role in the day-to-day running of any office environment. Without interaction, employees can feel isolated and disconnected from their work and the team members around them.

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A guide to setting up your home workstation

We’re all wondering when lockdown restrictions will be relaxed, but while we’re awaiting further instruction, it’s essential to tackle your home workspace. We could be in lockdown for many weeks or even months to come, and suffering from neck, shoulder and back pain shouldn’t play a part in your daily workday.

There are many small workspace adjustments you can make to ensure your home office is suitable. There are many obstacles to overcome when working from home during this lockdown period – juggling homeschooling, keeping focused and productive and generally not climbing your walls. So don’t let an uncomfortable workspace distract you further.

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How MBFurniture is operating through coronavirus

The processes in which businesses are now functioning around the world has changed dramatically over the last few weeks and isn’t showing any signs of changing any time soon. So, just like any UK business, we’re finding new ways to interact with our clients, it’s important to us that you understand how projects can now work online and the processes we’ve now put in place to manage your office re-fit coherently.

A lot of our processes can be managed remotely, which is good news – so if you’re interested in how we will handle your office project, keep reading below.

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Alternative workspace ideas from Workstories and Senator

According to the recruitment company Jackson Hogg, 49% of UK workers are based in open offices – and while the open office space presents many advantages when compared with the grey cubicle era of workspaces, it still presents some consistent disadvantages.

The open-plan office space can be noisy, with little to no privacy. And while the lack of privacy can help the creative and collaborative juices flow – it can be detrimental to focused project delivery. Also, you have to take into account people work differently – some might relish working in a noisy and chaotic space – but others might prefer a quiet corner where they can knuckle down and complete some of their best work.

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The importance of natural light in your office

The last thing employees want when they’re stuck in the office 9-5 each day is unnatural, fluorescent lighting. Designing an office where you take advantage of natural light is a must – not only for shining a light on your space effectively but for the wellbeing benefits for your staff, too.

There are many benefits of natural light; the positive effects are abundant on employees alone. Read on to find out more about the importance of natural light.

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Office design tricks to improve staff productivity

Willis Towers Watson conducted a study and results highlighted that 70% of employers improved their physical environments to encourage healthy behaviours. To promote employee engagement, employers realise that staff are a product of their environment and that health and wellbeing are vital to keeping employee engagement levels high. The study showed employers started reshaping the physical environment to encourage healthy behaviours. 

How did they shape the office environment? They added healthy foods and alternative break out spaces, ergonomic task chairs, monitor arms, sit/stand workstations, and appropriate lighting.

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