The value of creating a workspace that gives your staff the flexibility they require is well documented. Offering staff different workplace solutions for different tasks is essential to help keep staff motivated and positively productive. Optimising the choices available to staff will not only create a healthy working environment but will retain staff and attract new staff. Creating zoning within the workplace will be a good step in the right direction showing your staff you understand their needs and are prepared to invest in them and their environment.
Zoning provides a great and flexible solution for open plan offices, these can be broken down into different categories:

Different Zone Categories

  • Breakout Zones for more informal meetings or catching up with the team, where information can be shared in comfort
  • Team Workstation Zones for focused working and collaboration
  • Meeting Zones for bigger team meetings, around a table or in a booth
  • Quiet Zones for more focused working, acoustic pods are great for this
  • Break/Tea Point Zones for lunch and tea breaks
Zoning the office will give your employees the option to work in an area that better reflects what they need to do. As well as what sort of environment they need in order to work to the best of their ability. Zoning areas will also add an aesthetic, acoustics and a richer more considered space. You will create more  variety and interest with these additional spaces, acoustics, colour and biophilia (bringing the outdoors in) without losing the sense of the open plan space. Not having to build walls will save money and avoid planning, landlord sign off and disruption. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of modular products, these investments stay within the business and leave the building when you leave the building too, zero waste and reduced dilapidation costs.

Wall-Zoning Solution – Palisades Range

There are many contract furniture solutions to assist with planning and creating zones in the open plan office. A great and cost effective solution is the highly-flexible Palisades range that allows teams to build unique spaces, soft seating areas or neighbourhoods combining shelving, zone dividing and storage to create unique divisions.
Open offices bring benefits with natural light, space, collaboration, but also challenges without walls to divide space. Palisades offers a new way of dividing zones in a light and minimalist way. An elegant expression of an architecture within an architecture, allowing for a simple, attractive division of space without building walls. With organisations changing so fast, leading techs need agile spaces that can be repurposed quickly and cheaply: Palisades is a hugely flexible system and can be fully customised to your design, growing to any size, making new architectures around or even over your desk; your imagination is the limit! If you would like to learn more about any of these in terms of configurations available, costs, lead times please get in touch.

Palisandes Installation Images

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