The benefits of modular office space designs

Whether you’ve got a small or a large open-plan office space, modular furniture designs can help you cultivate an office environment to be proud of.

These office designs can help shape a chaotic office space into a creative and thriving hub.

It makes use of every inch of your office

The great thing about modular office furniture is that its versatility means it can slot into any office space. You can configure your furniture however you want to ensure you and your employees get the most out of it.

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Can workplace design strengthen employee engagement?

Over the last five years, workplace trends have had to adjust dramatically to reflect the changes in mass office culture. Offices are now offering flexible working, and aspiring to offer a collaborative working environment for their employees.

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Best of the UK: Top 3 inspiring office designs

There are some beautiful offices all over the world, but the UK alone has its fair share of enviable office spaces; an increasing number of employers are realising the benefits of offering a truly inspiring place to work for their staff members.

What benefits are triggered when you’re surrounded by inspiration? From an increase in productivity and happiness, your employee turnover can lower and the working environment becomes a lot more collaborative and productive. With social ‘collision zones’ encouraged throughout all the offices we’re about to show you – how could you not want to work at these businesses?!
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What are ‘collision zones’ and why does your office need them?

It sounds brutal, ‘collision zone’, but it’s just a buzzword for a chance meeting between your employees. It’s all about creating spaces around your office environment that can encourage inter-team collaboration.

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3 furniture solutions for small offices

Just because your office is small doesn’t mean you can’t have impactful office designs. There are many tips and tricks you can implement to use the space as cleverly and as uniquely as possible.

We’ve gathered together three furniture solutions for small offices below, to help inspire your creativity.

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Walter Knoll’s cable-less lamp makes its debut in Milan

Walter Knoll has made a name for itself, becoming a leading international manufacturer of both office furniture and premium upholstery. They’re products, whilst stylish, also encapsulate everything a user wants from their furniture purchase, superior comfort and longevity.

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7 ways you can immediately become more productive at work

Work can be a drag. Particularly if you feel you’ve got too much work to do or you hate your office environment. It can be hard to self-motivate, but most of the time, it’s down to you to get the best out of yourself on a day-to-day basis.

So how can you become immediately more productive at work?
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Happy Office Design Essentials: why you should embrace standing desks

Height adjustable desks are not new; famous, future looking organisations have been using them for quite a few years now. (Think Facebook, Twitter, Google.) However, the standing desk has yet to become truly mainstream in offices up and down the country.

If your organisation is planning an office move or redesign, it’s worth considering if standing desks could be incorporated.

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Office design advice for a happier, more productive workforce

The choices a business makes when it comes to workplace design and office furniture have a huge impact on business productivity. Offices need to deliver ergonomic value, flexibility and a more inviting work environment to attract the best talent and inspire them to do great work. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to workplace design.

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5 Quick Office Design Tips

Here are 5 clever ways to maximise workspace planning success when making changes to your office design.

#1 Reduce noise in open plan offices with acoustic tiling or screens

Office noise reduction tip

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