What are ‘collision zones’ and why does your office need them?

It sounds brutal, ‘collision zone’, but it’s just a buzzword for a chance meeting between your employees. It’s all about creating spaces around your office environment that can encourage inter-team collaboration.

What are the benefits of team collaboration?

– It helps team members blend complementary strengths,
– It helps build a trusting relationship between employees
– It helps foster learning and creativity

…to name a few.

Break out spaces

To build these effective zones, you need to ensure they’re strategically planned. Where do your employees currently have their lunch and breaks? If you don’t have a specific area for your employees, perhaps you have a kitchen shared between other offices, you could think about sectioning off part of your current office and making it a relaxing environment. This will encourage employees to spend time relaxing and talking with their fellow colleagues when they take breaks away from their desks.

‘150-feet from food’ rule

This is a rule established at Google’s offices. It was implemented to help encourage collision zones in the office environment. No part of their office is more than 150 feet from food; this includes restaurants, cafes or a micro-kitchen. This doesn’t just increase your chances of bumping into employees, but employees from different departments.

Tea and coffee station

Having a central point for tea and coffee is a fantastic way to encourage accidental meetings between staff members. Not only could staff take this opportunity to soundboard off other employees with problems, it can help keep their levels of productivity higher than if they were completely isolated for the majority of the day.

Encourage team socialising

Relaxed socialising outside of working hours can help boost team spirit and improve office culture. Learning more intimate details about your fellow colleagues can improve team collaboration inside office hours.

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