The importance of natural light in your office

The last thing employees want when they’re stuck in the office 9-5 each day is unnatural, fluorescent lighting. Designing an office where you take advantage of natural light is a must – not only for shining a light on your space effectively but for the wellbeing benefits for your staff, too.

There are many benefits of natural light; the positive effects are abundant on employees alone. Read on to find out more about the importance of natural light.

Your staff feel better, and they’re more productive

Natural light improves staff productivity. According to Sleep Foundation, if you expose your body to sunlight in the morning, it helps alert the brain and set up you for the day ahead. Did you also know that natural light helps regulate the body’s natural circadian rhythms? And regulated circadian rhythms means better sleep, which leads to better-rested employees which, in turn, helps your bottom line. 

Just think when you don’t get much sleep, how it can impair decision making and how it can also negatively impact your mood and your day in general.

You can save on your energy bills

Another pleasant outcome of pouring natural lighting into your office space is the chance to save money on lighting and energy bills! More natural light means fewer fluorescent lights required, which is an ongoing expense in itself…but, to hold onto this cost-saving, the office space needs to be designed with this in mind. One question to ask yourself is – are the windows trapping heat, so it’s not all lost through the windows? If your windows aren’t holding the heat into your building, you won’t be saving anything on your heating bills!

Another aspect you should consider is fitting blinds on the windows to keep the sun out of your employees’ eyes as the day wears on, and for keeping the office from getting too hot from the sun.

Sitting by a window can ease eyestrain 

Eyestrain can cause your employees so much discomfort – including headaches, migraines and tired or dry eyes and blurred vision – to name a few. If your employees have to sit at their desk for long periods, you must try and reduce eyestrain while using computers as best you can.

Having your employees sit by a window with natural light can help reduce eyestrain while at their computer. Specsavers suggest computer users should regularly look away from their screen and take a minute to stare out of the window. Looking away can help relax the focusing muscle inside the eye, which reduces eye strain. 

If you’re looking at refurbishing your office, natural light is a central theme to consider – not only for employee wellbeing but an office filled with natural light is much more pleasing to the eye than fluorescent lighting. Employee wellbeing should be at the top of your list when refitting your office space or when you’re looking for new office premises.

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