The benefits of modular office space designs

Whether you’ve got a small or a large open-plan office space, modular furniture designs can help you cultivate an office environment to be proud of.

These office designs can help shape a chaotic office space into a creative and thriving hub.

It makes use of every inch of your office

The great thing about modular office furniture is that its versatility means it can slot into any office space. You can configure your furniture however you want to ensure you and your employees get the most out of it.

It’s perfect for small or new businesses, it’s furniture that can be easily adapted for when you add to your workforce down the line.

Helps build a collaborative environment

Modular office design helps increase collaboration among employees. Staff can build productive relationships cross-department when working on projects. The modular furniture helps keep employees focused on the task at hand whilst ensuring no one is isolated.

It’s less disruptive and cost-effective

Building walls in your existing office can be expensive and disruptive. But with modular furniture – it’s unnecessary! Modular blocks slot into place, creating minimal disruption to the rest of your workforce.

If you’re renting your office space and you’re not permitted to carry out construction work, modular office furniture can be the superior option.

No major cosmetic changes to your office space are required.

Keeps your office fresh in design

As this furniture is easy to move and reconfigure, you can change the layout of your office effortlessly. Fresh design can help keep creativity alive amongst your employees. Being able to switch up which teams work together can help strengthen the social aspect of your workforce.

The social element to the workplace is fundamental to human nature. In an article published by Small Business, author David Price stated that it was important to establish a social working environment that enables you, as an employer, to create a cohesive and unified community. A community which is built upon a mutual sense of respect, trust and support.

Keeps your office cables tidy

A common problem in many offices is cable management. You can rid your office of untidy cables with the help of built-in cable management trays in all modular desk designs. The trays are nestled under the desk and can be ordered in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any user requirement.

All computer leads can be managed with grommet holes on the top of each desk. In modular desks, these can be planned and cut at the factory to meet your desktop design expectations.

They offer a variety of finishes

When you invest in modular furniture, it’s not simply a one-design choice. All modular furniture comes in a variety of MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) and veneer options as well as painted and metal finish frames. This wide selection of finishes enables you to create a modular design that is perfectly refined to fit into your office interior.

Continuity of Supply

As your business grows it’s important to have the reassurance that when your team expands, you can easily add to your desk banks without the worry that your desks are no longer available.

All the manufacturers we work with here at MB Furniture offer the guarantee that the desks available today will be available in 10 years. This ensures our clients can keep the same aesthetic throughout their office.

Future-proofing and reconfiguration

We reached out to KI Europe, a local manufacturer of high quality, durable furniture. Check out what they had to say about the future-proofing and reconfiguration benefit to modular design below.

“Organisations often need to reconfigure their office landscapes to accommodate more people as they grow, or adapt to individual needs such as DDA compliance. Modular furniture can make this task easier and more cost effective because it can often be altered with minimal disruption, downtime and redundant cost. This benefit is further advantageous for companies relocating to new offices, they will be able to more readily adapt their existing furniture to the new space. Those expanding into multiple locations will be able to maintain a consistent aesthetic, but facilities managers will also be able to share furniture between sites depending on need.”

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