Office design tricks to improve staff productivity

Willis Towers Watson conducted a study and results highlighted that 70% of employers improved their physical environments to encourage healthy behaviours. To promote employee engagement, employers realise that staff are a product of their environment and that health and wellbeing are vital to keeping employee engagement levels high. The study showed employers started reshaping the physical environment to encourage healthy behaviours. 

How did they shape the office environment? They added healthy foods and alternative break out spaces, ergonomic task chairs, monitor arms, sit/stand workstations, and appropriate lighting.

All easy to integrate into your current office space – you have to look at your area creatively and see what it is you can afford to implement to of course help support your staff members but to improve the efficiency of your business.

So what other things can you look to implement into your office environment to improve staff productivity?

A tidy office

Not only does having a neat office help keep your mind less cluttered – having a tidy workspace can make the office as an entirety look bigger and less daunting to employees. Having a tidy workspaces makes employees happier; it’s that simple.

Spending ages locating an important document can be stressful and not at all necessary. Ensuring your business has paper storage facilities or adopts a paperless mentality when it can mean you will no longer have piles of documentation on each desk.

According to an infographic produced by Insights for Professionals, having a clean office means employees are more focused, waste less time, are less stressed, and have improved morale. 

Cleaning and tidying your office is such a simple task that anyone can do – but look at the potential benefits! It’s worth taking part in this point, and it barely has to cost you anything – except maybe a few more shelving units or filing cabinets.

Consider noise levels 

Although we’re probably all quite glad businesses have moved away from those dull, grey office cubicles – having embraced the open office layout brings many issues of its own. Although employees don’t feel so isolated, noise levels can get uncontrollable in an open plan layout.

A recent article published by Forbes earlier this year discussed why open-plan workspaces lower productivity and employee morale. When employees in an open office were surveyed, 1 in 3 workers felt distractions and noise from open workspaces hinder their productivity, while 1 in 6 say it hinders creativity as well.

What can you do to combat this?

Building small ‘study-like’ pods or booths, means you’re offering employees a place where they can think without getting frustrated by the noise. Even putting headphones in sometimes doesn’t get rid of distractions – other colleagues are still able to access them for advice etc. And while employees should talk to each other to problem solve, it’s also essential that those who sometimes require a noise-free environment have a suitable place to work from.

A flexible approach to your office layout, such as this, can mean your office setting appeals to a wide variety of employees, too.

Hopefully, we’ve given you a few ideas to help you improve productivity and staff morale in your office space.

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