Office design advice for a happier, more productive workforce

The choices a business makes when it comes to workplace design and office furniture have a huge impact on business productivity. Offices need to deliver ergonomic value, flexibility and a more inviting work environment to attract the best talent and inspire them to do great work. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to workplace design.

The three ‘C’s: collaboration, conversation, collision

Choose furniture that encourages collaboration, conversation and collision practices.

The trend for acoustic break out pods and collaborative work areas is a clever way to foster communication among employees – providing opportunities to collide, meet and share ideas.

Prioritise workplace wellbeing

Health and well-being should also be a key office design consideration with recent research suggesting that an improvement in wellbeing results in improved workplace performance.

Good design and creative use of furniture can create spaces for both private work as well as shared break out areas to encourage collaboration and free movement.

Office design has been moving away from cubical segregation into a more open working environment for some time. What is new is the introduction of privacy pods and nooks. This organic mix of collaboration and personal space provides distraction free spaces for workers when needed.

Moving away from a single designated workstation in favour of a more flexible, fluid workspace helps to inspire employees, increase autonomy and improve health and wellbeing overall.

Embrace the benefits offered by residential style workplace design

Workplace design with a distinctly ‘residential’ feel is becoming increasingly popular and reflects the desire for a more comfortable, ‘homey’ work environment.

Residential style furnishings can provide a more inspirational or comfortable workplace will help employees feel more creative and motivated.

Feel at home and love your work, that is the message that can be delivered with a small amount of investment.

To find out more or if you’d like some advice on what office design changes will best benefit your particular business, get in touch for an informal chat.