How workplace design can help you retain employees

Would you want to work in an office environment that didn’t enhance productivity? If you were sat in a grey office space, would you feel excited to turn up Monday through Friday to perform at your job?

No, we didn’t think so.

As an employer, you have the power to change your workplace environment for the better.

If you’ve witnessed high staff turnover, have you considered it might be due to the working environment?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, workplace design can negatively affect your employee’s mood – their ability to focus and collaborate on the task at hand is diminished – which ultimately affects your bottom line.

In May 2018, workplace effectiveness researcher Leesman surveyed over 270,000 employees in 2,200 workplaces spanning 67 countries and found a pattern in workplace productivity.

Tim Oldman, Founder of Leesman, said about the results of the research:

“It would appear, then, that some organizations may be investing a disproportionate amount of focus on supporting creativity and collaboration, at the expense of the spaces needed to commit these collaborative thoughts in an individual, concentrative way to paper. It could also be that for many employees in more concentrative analytic roles, the impact of key infrastructure elements and planning have been overlooked—like occupant density and noise control.”

So it seems employers are putting too much emphasis on harnessing the creativity that they haven’t thought about when the time comes to deliver the creative ideas the environment doesn’t support this delivery.

But what contributes to employees leaving their roles?

A survey lead by public opinion research survey, The Harris Poll highlighted a few key points employers could take on board to improve upon their businesses.

According to a summary of the report by The Business Insider, only one in four employees surveyed felt the employer helped them grow “very well.” Around 77% of employees felt “on their own” to develop their careers at the company.

So what can you do to combat this delicate balance? 

Balancing employee job satisfaction with a productive and creative working environment sounds like a tall order – but there are a few things your business can do to start on the right foot…

Design your workspaces with your employees in mind is – it’s crucial. Initiating personal conversations with each employee to understand what it is they don’t currently like about the working environment is essential – even if it’s an anonymous survey. 

Getting to the root of the problem in your workforce is vital. Your opinion isn’t the only one that matters when redesigning your office space. Listen to your employees, they’re the ones who have to work collaboratively every day.

Include all departments in the initial ideas stage

With many employees working in very different job roles – analytical, creative, admin-based etc. you need to ensure your office space works for each department. 

If that means having pods to help harness creative meeting spaces but also quieter hot-desking booth areas for people to get their head down and work in peace – then you should consider it. Offering a variety and choice of working environments that suit different types of working practice will help. With the huge portfolio of furniture options at our disposal and intelligent floor-planning skills, any environment can be elevated to increase well-being and productivity.

Creating an office that wows clients is one thing, but creating a space that works for everyone should be your primary goal to attract and retain great members of staff.

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