How MBFurniture is operating through coronavirus

The processes in which businesses are now functioning around the world has changed dramatically over the last few weeks and isn’t showing any signs of changing any time soon. So, just like any UK business, we’re finding new ways to interact with our clients, it’s important to us that you understand how projects can now work online and the processes we’ve now put in place to manage your office re-fit coherently.

A lot of our processes can be managed remotely, which is good news – so if you’re interested in how we will handle your office project, keep reading below.

Initial chat about your requirements 

If you are planning an office move, either looking at a new space or a re-stack of your current space we are happy to talk, listen and advise you on your future office plans. We can advise you on what to expect and what to plan for depending on the scale of your project. We fully understand the timelines needed to deliver projects, best working practices and the best products in the market, offering guideline costs (low/medium/high) so you will know what to budget for to complete a project whatever the size. 

Landlords generally have CAD plans of their buildings

The majority of landlords have existing CAD plans for your office building; from these plans, we can kick-start the new office design process remotely. After taking a detailed brief from you (the client), we would then start pulling together initial layout design ideas that match your vision and create discussions. We would breakdown your current workspace and communication structures and see where this needs to be future-proofed as well as look at ways it can be potentially improved. 

This process will require a lot of client interaction and direction; communication at this stage is critical. We will be asking many questions to get to know your business and what this model needs to look like to be optimised. All the design decisions will be based on these discussions, regular communication to keep this process moving is key at this stage. 

Keeping in touch with clients via conferencing apps

As we can’t meet up with clients to discuss mood boards and layout ideas, that’s where video conferencing apps such as Skype and Zoom have played an essential role in our new communication processes. 

With these applications, we can share our screens, sending across important documents through the chat messenger to keep the project moving forward. Through the use of technology, we can create and share mood boards with the click of a button – which means you won’t miss out on the brainstorming section of the project. Both parties must discuss all ideas. What is it you’re looking for? What pictures have you seen online that you’d like to explore replicating? All of these vital project processes can still be carried out remotely.

Trust is important

We understand that you won’t be able to view products by visiting showrooms or us putting together mockups of workstation/task chair configurations necessarily. That’s why we would provide you with client testimonials or historical knowledge where products have worked for past clients. We have many highly satisfied clients who have spaces that work perfectly for them – we can share some of these projects with you so you get a feel for what your office could look like.

What about fitting the new office? 

We can fit your new office when restrictions are loosened or lifted, but to get to this point, it will still take us a few months to iron out the project scope, sign off floorplan and costs and locate the right furniture for your business.

Is now the time for an office re-fit?

If you’ve got a little more time on your hands due to the lack of commute and other office essentials, now could be the perfect time to explore re-fitting your office space. You’ve probably already thought about what you would change if you could, now is the time to investigate those options.

For an initial consultation call, drop us an email on info@mbfurniture.co.uk, and we’ll book a quick call in.