Happy Office Design Essentials: why you should embrace standing desks

Height adjustable desks are not new; famous, future looking organisations have been using them for quite a few years now. (Think Facebook, Twitter, Google.) However, the standing desk has yet to become truly mainstream in offices up and down the country.

If your organisation is planning an office move or redesign, it’s worth considering if standing desks could be incorporated.

Reported health benefits

Recent studies have proven the health benefits to sit/stand workstations. One study completed by Professor Alan Hedge from Cornell University, Design & Environmental Analysis, NY  describes results for a study of electric height-adjustable work surfaces (EHAWs) conducted in two companies.

A total of 33 computer workers from the two companies worked at fixed-height work surfaces (FHWs) and then at EHAWs for between 4 and 6 weeks. Participants completed extensive survey questionnaires immediately before and then 4-6 weeks after using the EHAWs. Results showed significant decreases in the severity of musculoskeletal discomfort for most upper body regions. In the EHAW condition daily discomfort ratings were lower in the afternoon and productivity ratings improved. Written comments about the EHAWs generally were positive. Overall, the study illustrated a strong preference for using the EHAWs.

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Convertible Workstations

Some companies have taken the common sit to stand desk and turned it into an entire sit to stand workstation. This is great for startups who need office furniture that can expand and grow with them.

Also, many companies are opting for standing meetings instead of seated. Businesses want their workers on their feet for a portion of their work day and standing during a meeting also reduces the chance of employees zoning out. A plus in standing meetings is that they are significantly shorter and more productive. Standing conference meetings will be big in 2016.

Organisational culture

If your business prizes dynamism and energetic employees, standing desks are to be welcomed. Much like the walking meeting – standing desks could help increase creativity. Hubspot recommend standing up for more successful sales calls and some businesses report that standing desks have increased overall productivity rates of employees.