Alternative workspace ideas from Workstories and Senator

According to the recruitment company Jackson Hogg, 49% of UK workers are based in open offices – and while the open office space presents many advantages when compared with the grey cubicle era of workspaces, it still presents some consistent disadvantages.

The open-plan office space can be noisy, with little to no privacy. And while the lack of privacy can help the creative and collaborative juices flow – it can be detrimental to focused project delivery. Also, you have to take into account people work differently – some might relish working in a noisy and chaotic space – but others might prefer a quiet corner where they can knuckle down and complete some of their best work.

The open-plan layout enables businesses to create different working environments in one space. In this blog post, we’re exploring products that can help offer your employees different working spaces depending on the task at hand. 

We’re looking at two of our furniture manufacturers that at MBFurniture we work very closely with, Workstories and Senator.


The Hub Breakout from Workstories
The Hub Breakout from Workstories

The Hub Breakout configuration from Workstories enables employers to inject a laid back approach to meeting spaces. The ability to offer your staff different places to work collaboratively and move around, with a hot-desking element, can be a great way to improve team communication.

If the central part of the office is too loud, employees can take themselves away to the Hub Breakout section to focused on project delivery. You can customise the fabrics chosen to match your brand colours, and both the stools and benches are made with solid oak detailing.

Creating a space that works for all kinds of employees and beautifully compliments their working styles is a must in 2020.
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Vee from Senator
Vee from Senator

These pods from Senator are called Vee. As you can see from the two different images above, Vee, can be built into several singular workstations, or be modified to create a mixture of both solo and meeting space areas.

The top layout means you can have semi-private, enclosed meetings with team members – without the chaos of the open-plan office interfering or causes distractions. Vee, allows employees to cut themselves off from the remaining workforce, to concentrate on their own with charging ports, a small desk and a comfortable and acoustically pleasing seat.

Aside from the functionally, the design is striking and sure to start a conversation between visiting clients and customers. 

Senator says about the product: 

“Vee is a seating solution that combines seclusion and collaboration. Follow a rise in demand for seating that allows both interaction and collaboration; Vee was created to define spaces in populated environments whilst supporting different postures and tasks.”

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