7 ways you can immediately become more productive at work

Work can be a drag. Particularly if you feel you’ve got too much work to do or you hate your office environment. It can be hard to self-motivate, but most of the time, it’s down to you to get the best out of yourself on a day-to-day basis.

So how can you become immediately more productive at work?

We discuss seven things you can start right now.

1. Only look at your emails a few times a day

Easier said than done, right? Wrong! Think about turning off your desktop notifications – and mobile notifications. You’re not deleting the emails; they’ll still be there when you’re ready to read them. Unless you’re working on a particular project that requires communication via email, why not just designate time just once an hour, to look at your emails?

It can be really distracting when you see each email pop-up on your screen, and it’s more than tempting to take a quick peek. Why are you continuing to hamper your productivity? You’ll never finish the task you’re working on if you’re being interrupted every five seconds.

Trust us, this will work a treat.

2. Set time limits for each of your tasks

You might think this adds pressure but it’s on your terms, so nothing will happen if you don’t finish the task you set yourself an hour to finish. This structure just acts as a little self-motivation.

You almost come into competition with yourself. You said you’d finish that in an hour and you did it! Don’t make your loose time targets unrealistic, though, if anything, you should over-compensate – you’ll feel great when you finish within the time you set for yourself.

3. Listen to classical music

According to an article published by The Telegraph, listening to classical music is perfect for your productivity if the tasks you are completing require attention to detail, or include working with numbers.

If your office is particularly loud, or you find you’re easily distracted, stick on some classical tunes to help maintain focus and get the job done!

4. Build your work schedule around when you’re most productive

Whether you’re more of a morning person, or you’re most productive after lunch, schedule your work around your peaks of productivity. This is one of the most straightforward ways of effectively and efficiently managing your time.

5. Keep a notepad handy

If you prefer to keep your notes in digital form there are many thought-organisation tools available. Simply downloading these tools to your desktop computer and your mobile phone can help you keep your thoughts and ideas organised whenever and wherever you might be when you have an epiphany.

For example, you might have a timesaving solution to the task you’re currently working on whilst making yourself a coffee – great ideas can come to you when you least expect it – so be prepared!

6. Make sure your office furniture is suitable

Whether you own your company or you’re an employee, it’s important that your office space and the area surrounding your desk inspires your work and keeps your productivity levels high, from an ergonomic chair to the interior of your offices, it can greatly impact upon the productivity levels of staff.

Introducing plants into the workplace can increase happiness and bright colours can encourage enthusiasm. Also, by introducing creative office furniture solutions that allow employees to collaborate creatively away from their desks is vital for boosting morale and productivity within your office culture.

So why not broach the question of bringing a few plants in to start with?

7. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’

Sometimes you just can’t physically finish the pile of work you’ve been given. Being productive doesn’t equal taking on more work, it’s about managing your work duties effectively to make sure you can deliver what is expected of you. Yes, it can be important to go above and beyond to help colleagues when they’re struggling, but don’t take on too much work to the detriment of the quality of work you’re able to output.

Simply saying you can’t take on any more work is important in the workplace. If you’re constantly saying ‘yes’ to anyone and everyone, you’ll spiral into a work mound you’ll find tough to get out of. Stand your ground!

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