3 furniture solutions for small offices

Just because your office is small doesn’t mean you can’t have impactful office designs. There are many tips and tricks you can implement to use the space as cleverly and as uniquely as possible.

We’ve gathered together three furniture solutions for small offices below, to help inspire your creativity.

Reception seating

If you’ve got one big open plan office but you still want a small area for guests to be able to make themselves comfortable, or you’ve just got a view small space for your reception area to sit within, stools can be a great alternative to bulky reception seating.

You can move stools freely and you can also get more of them in a smaller space. We came across these ‘Magic’ stools from Boss Design, a perfect small office reception seating solution!

magic stools from Boss Design

Modular workspaces

Sometimes working in a small office the smallest sounds can reverberate around the room. Keeping staff focused but also being able to integrate everyone into a collaborative office environment is a tricky balance to get right.

So, what’s the solution? Modular workspaces.

These modular workspaces are great for giving your employees their own space to express themselves and get their head in the game, but, if they need help with ideas or support from other team members, all they need to do is look over their workspace.

It is the ideal situation for small and open plan offices, alike. Check out these modular workspace examples from Bene.

modular workspace from Bene

Storage solutions 

Finding storage solutions for small offices can be difficult. You need something that isn’t going to look out of place in a small office, something mobile that can be configured many different ways. Enter ‘Caddy’ from Vitra. 

A slim column with configuration options including a platform for projectors, adjusting to become a standing-height workstation or Caddy can become your new, mobile tea station. With ample room for file and folder storage, this is the perfect, practical office companion.

caddy from Vitra

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